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Vicars & Curates of Linslade

Vicars of Linslade

1247 Henricus - died 1272
1272 Richard de Hargrave - instituted 3 October 1272, on the presentation of the Prior and Convent of Chicksands
1273 Hugh de Hargrave - instituted 16th June 1273
1319 Jeffrey de Hargrave - succeeded 1st October 1319
1350 John de Hamelden - succeeded July 1350, on Jeffrey de Hargrave's resignation
1353 William Baudewyn - instituted 5th June 1353
1366 Hugh Baudewyn - instituted 5th September 1366, on William Baudewyn's death. He exchanged it for the Chantry of St. Mary's, in Edlesborough church, with Nicholas Aghton.
1404 Nicholas Aghton, 24th May 1404. He exchanged it for Grove Rectory with Henry Haselus
1408 Henry Haselus, 20th March 1408. He resigned and was replaced by Walter Paigne
1421 Walter Paigne - instituted 28th March 1421
1458 William Newport - his name occurs in 1458. On his death he was replaced by Richard Upton
1459 Richard Upton - presented 9th August 1459. He resigned.
1461 Peter Lawles - instituted 21st September 1461. He resigned.
1465 Thomas Compton - instituted 24th February 1465. He resigned.
1480 John Atoun - Prior of Chicksands. Presented 8th November 1480 by John Vavasour Esq. He was alive in 1493 "when he was presented by the same patron, to the Rectory of Wroughton, which he resigned in 1498". About 1500, this Prior, having consolidated the Vicarial tithes, with the Rectorial, the Church was served only by stipendiary Curates.

Curates of Linslade

1525 Robert Pearson
1530 Peter Husband - quited for Cublington Rectory.
1553 John Davies - his name occursin 1553 and also willed in 1557 to be buried in the Church
1597 and 1615 Morgan Griffith
1616 Peter Mortimer
1617 Humphrey Lloyd - he held it with Soulbury
1629 Henry Lloyd - when he quited the curacy of Linslade he retained that of Soulbury
1635 William Vaughan - He occurs Curate in Linslade in 1637 and 1663, and was also Rector of Postgrove, Bedfordshire where he died in 1664
1664 Edward Hargave, A.M. - admitted as Curate 15th December 1664. He was also Rector of Fleet Marston, and Schoolmaster of Leighton Buzzard,. He died 1710 and was buried at Leighton Buzzard
710 John Barton, A.M. - of Great Brickhill
1711 Martin Hall
1713 John Roe, A.B. - Vicar of Whitchurch, and Schoolmaster of Leighton Buzzard. He died 1716, and was buried at Leighton Buzzard
1716 William Whipp, A.M. - also Vicar of Leighton Buzzard. Died 1720
1720 Thomas Snow, A.M. - also Vicar of Leighton Buzzard. Died 31st March 1733 at Uxbridge, and was buried at Leighton Buzzard
1733 John White, A.B.
1767 Owen Gough - died curate in 1777
1784 Hugh Davies
1815 George Burd
1820 James Main
1826 Benjamin R Perkins
1847 Peter T. Ouvry
1850 Arthur Willink
1853 W. Esdaile Richardson
1861 H. Atkinson Gibson
1880 Elgood G. Punchard
1883 Arthur Johnson
1884 C. Dendy Blakiston
1889 Charles E. Dandridge
1907 Douglas Hurst-Jones
1911 William S. Mahony
1920 Lionel E. Lydekker
1951 Wyndham Edgar
1962 Ernest J. Rumens
1966 Frank E. Lewis
1974 R. Geoffrey M. Russell
1987 Michael J. Peel
1996 Colin G. Mattock
2001 Catherine J. Dyer